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    When the Soul Set YTT opportunity came it was an immediate YES! I have worked front desk and practiced yoga at Retreat Yoga and Wellness almost since it opened, so I already knew these were the two women I wanted to learn from. Retreats vibe is much different from other studios I had visited, keeping a tranquil space while providing an experience that benefits those in the community and that is what I would choose to offer a student. Lindsay and Kaely bring to the table two important pieces of to the practice, Spiritual components and years of teaching and creativity of sequencing. So I knew I wanted my training to come from them, who both bring in their own elements and expertise perfectly into the training. The support towards our future as yoga teachers was phenomenal as well, providing opportunities to teach and advancements right out of certifying, also taking the time to sit with us and walk us through our insecurities. I just couldn't have asked for a better experience :)

    Jodi (200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Journey)

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    These yoga gals are the real deal! Providing knowledgeable hands on experience for all skill levels, and so much love through their practice. Don't hesitate to sign up for any of their classes and workshops; this is well worth the investment.

    Gaby Bourbonnais

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    Kaely & Lindsay's Yoga Touch class was incredible. It was a seamless class, so well done. Loved every bit... essential oils, amazing space, amazing instructors. Great idea. Can't wait for the next one!! Thanks ladies!

    Stephanie Alexis

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