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Chris Diduch

Whether you have limited mobility or not, a yoga practice is a great way to stay mobile. At the age of 48, Chris started to practice yoga. Recognizing the benefits it brought to her own life, Chris decided to pursue certification as a yoga instructor, allowing her to develop and enrich the lives of others as well as her own.

A series of life challenges, including partial vision loss, led her to re-think her career of 30 years as a printing press operator. Her enthusiasm in her practice of yoga along with encouragement of family and friends led to a change of residence, a new career, and a healthier lifestyle. In 2014, Chris moved to Midland with a new vision.

Chris is a conscientious and devoted leader in the practice of yoga. Her classes incorporate exercises geared to all levels of mobility, from chair-based programs to engaging full body workouts. Her aim is to foster relationships and promote wellness within the community.