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Desiree Salis

Desiree is an avid student and teacher of yoga and has developed her practice through trainings, her sadhana, and self-study. She is certified in Kundalini, Vinyasa, and Hatha yoga and aims to deliver the teachings from an authentic heart space to create compassionate learning environments that cater to growth and individual experience. One of her main goals as a teacher is to create a comfortable, inclusive atmosphere and provide access to traditional techniques that can enliven, empower, and educate her students. Her classes focus heavily on the breath and the union (yoga) that exists between and within the mind and body. In her own practice she explores the body and mind through yoga and meditation, art, studying, and writing. Though a physical practice is a part of her daily routine, she believes in a holistic approach to everything in life and puts emphasis on listening to the body and moderating or changing practices as needed. She is always looking to learn and values the lessons she receives both as a student and teacher.

Desiree is grateful for the lineage of teachers who have come before her and with whom she has had the blessing to study with. From teachers in her hometown of Barrie all the way to Rishikesh, India, she offers thanks and blessings for the individuals who have helped her develop on her path.