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Kate Taylor

The first time Kate stepped on her mat she knew Yoga would be an infinite path of enlightenment and a journey that would lead her to her true calling.

Kate grew up as a competitive dancer, falling in love with contemporary dance and modern movements. Once leaving for college, Kate began taking yoga classes as a way to fulfill the movement she craved and she quickly became aware of all the amazing additional benefits that came with the practice.

Kate graduated from Georgian College in 2012 and completed her CMTO registration to become a Registered Massage Therapist. All the while continuing to practice yoga as a way to find solace and physical freedom. Kate took the step she had been longing for in 2014 and enrolled in the Shine Om YTT with Ann Green. It was a life changing experience that brought a sense of direction and fulfillment to her life.

She is now a vinyasa style teacher who strives to bring a sense of awareness and inspiration to her classes. Providing a slow sultry awakening to a radiant free body flow that slowly winds down to a sweet surrender.

Kate is setting her sites on new goals as she becomes a certified Barre Instructor with Barre Essentials. Barre has provided her with an opportunity to merge the worlds of dance, yoga and pilates to provide an uplifting, sculpting and energizing Barre class.